OD Surveys


Pedestrian/Cyclist Surveys

Pedestrians/Cyclists crossing specific locations like intersections by direction and time of day can be collected by OD Middle East. Data is collected for required duration for the specified interval. Data files are submitted with the help of relevant drawings.

Speed Surveys

Spot speed surveys are undertaken by using Hand held radar speed guns. Surveys are conducted by trained operators for different duration as per requirement of the clients.

Journey Time Surveys

OD Middle East conducts Journey Time Surveys using GPS instruments or Floating car methods to record time at specific points along a corridor multiple times during peak hours to give an average journey time for designated routes.

Queue Length Surveys

Back of Queue measurements are done at approaches to intersections or other locations. Queue lengths are measured at regular intervals during peak hours. Video surveys or manual counts are adopted as per the requirement of the client to undertake the surveys.

Origin Destination Surveys

OD Middle East staff’s has an experience of conducting Road Side Interviews for Origin Destination surveys. OD Middle East staff’s have an experience of working under rigorous traffic conditions and have developed procedures to ensure that required samples are obtained in a safe and efficient manner. Vehicles are safely guided to the survey area as per Traffic Management layout plans devised in line with relevant local authority standards. All road side interviews are organized in accordance with best practices in consultation with the clients.