Video Surveys and Analysis


OD Middle East undertakes video surveys for different type of intersections including major interchanges for various duration as per the project requirements. Our Video camera units are designed to cater to different requirements including long duration surveys.

Wide angle Digital Cameras which can work in day and night are used for recording traffic Counts. Cameras are mounted on suitable positions to cover the required traffic movements. Recorded images will be submitted along with data files so that verification of data accuracy is possible. Video surveys can be used for Turning Movement counts and Classification counts for 7 days etc.

OD Middle East conducts Video surveys with image processing methods for link counts to have an accuracy rate of 99%.

OD Middle East video systems comprise of cameras mounted onto telescopic masts which are erected next to suitable items of street furniture. The equipment is secured using heavy duty straps with padlocks and chains to offer lateral support and to minimize the risk of malicious damage and theft.